Journal Entry

I began to read "Life as we knew it". A novel written by Susan Beth Pfeffer. In the novel a very large asteroid has collided with the moon, creating many problems on earth. I started thinking, this situation could be a real world catastrophe and could happen anyday or anytime. If this did happen it would effect me personally and in my everyday life. Me and my family would have to move to shelter and protect ourselves from the effects, like tsunamis, earthquakes, and more. We would also have to buy a abundant amount of food. Additionally, it would be very difficult to recover from a catastrophe like this one and even if this really did happen the world would never return to its prior state.

If I would put myself in this situation, I would be scared. This can really affect the lives of the of everybody in the world. If this happened to me in my life, it would shock and scare me very much. I would do somethings differently than how Miranda and her family did in the book. Instead of watching the asteroid hitting the moon I would be planning on what I need to do. I would be either buying food, creating shelter, etc. 

Reading this book, it addresses me to the real world and the things that can happen within my life. This book really makes you think what you would do,  how you would react, and how important the world and moon for your safety is. 

The End

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