Journal, Alcohol, Horse: Flash Fiction

Flash fiction based on three things: a journal, public drunkenness, a horse. Must include all three and be under 1000 words -- a challenge borrowed from Chuck Wendig's blog.

In this exercise I'm going to attempt one of Chuck Wendig's flash fiction challenges. Using a random number generator, I ended up with three things from his lists that I need to include in a piece of writing of around 1000 words.

My three are:
- a journal
- public drunkenness
- a horse

However, just writing one story with these items limits my options somewhat, so I'm going to try and write a few different pieces using the same objects to see if I can stretch myself, varying tense and POV, genre, style... all of that kind of thing.

I'm not sure whether I'll end up with two stories or ten, but it could be an interesting exercise. Some will make sense. Others might be a bit... odd.

Let's see how we get on. Our first story is a pseudo-historical piece about a young woman who loves to ride, and her drunken ex-lover. In the best possible way. Not in, like, an angsty alcoholism way. I'm going to try and keep this cheerful.

The End

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