Journal #4 (Chapters 16-21)


In the last chapters of the book many important things happen such as another spree of killings caused through the human race, the common flu. Miranda’s family experiences the flu and have it for several days, except for Miranda. What is even worse is that most of the doctors at the hospital died including Peter. This causes Miranda to nearly kill her whole family by accidentally throwing on a wet log onto the fire which made smoke run through the house making matters even worse. Miranda went on a conquest to stop this from happening and dragged her family out of the sunroom and into the kitchen and cleaned the whole sunroom, washed the sheets, and had to spoon feed her family when they needed it in the process.

Towards the end Miranda’s older brother, Matt, was out during a blizzard causing her and Jon to risk it all to save their older sibling. Eventually after all hope was lost, Matt showed up and all was good again until they started to run out of food. Miranda decided that she didn’t want to see her mom die so she went to town to kill herself. While walking around she saw a flyer saying that the town hall was open on Friday’s from 3-5 PM and she checked her watch and it was about 4:30. She ran the whole way there and found that they were still open and was able to take food home to their family. They got 10 sacks of food and they were all ecstatic and that was clearly seen in the end of the book.


The Journal


One theme that was apparent towards the end of the book was that the survivors are duly rewarded for their quest and troubles. In the beginning Miranda was privileged to be able to go to Miller’s pond and relax while doing something she loved, swimming. Along with her family as Matt liked to run and her mother loved to garden, this was all due to how they survived the initial impact of the moon. Then the volcanoes erupted and the ash covered the atmosphere and an icy winter was caused by this, leaving conditions below 0 most days. Finally in reward to that they had the blessing of their house for the stove oven. Perhaps the biggest sacrifice, Miranda’s trek to town to kill herself off, was rewarded by food for her family for several weeks to come.


Seeing as Miranda is starting to think more philosophically as the conditions get worse, we can conclude that this may be in reaction to a very cold winter. She then is caused to want to kill herself as a sacrifice for Jon to live on after they begin to see the end of their stockade of food. Although this turns out to help their family seeing as they don’t starve to death in the end of the book. She also starts to think far more logically than she has before in the book as she plays life as a chess game and she is just the pawn and Jon is the King, although she respects Matt much more but due to his bad ankle he can’t do anything as he could before.

Again in this series of chapters you can see some distortions and some stereotypes of gender rules. Miranda first of all takes care of her family, which is a girl type of thing to do but then she does a lot of manual labor to fix what she did, which was throw a wet log onto the fire. Then she decides to sacrifice herself for another, which in romance is what the guy tends to do. Finally, she provides food for her family to eat and to prevent their death which is a male type of role.

The End

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