Exxcerpts, quotes, blurbs that need to be released but are not stories. I will put them here. If they become something else I will move them.

Oh how tortuous writing is. Words are the hardest things to release, and yet so necessary. It's the same as the pain of making love.

I have stories written (or rather, parts of stories) and  characters in my head. In truth i am not a very organized writer- well, i'm not organized in anything. I could be head of a movement or a religion and it would be an utter mess. the religion of chaos- that's what I follow. Chaos is good- as long as you can cope with it. Most people's problems are just related to coping, not with the chaos itself. Like David and  cooking. It's not about the food, or following a recipe, it's his coping skills- they are, how do I put it? Shit. All he needs to learn is to relax and not fight it and he could cook fine. He'll never be a chef but he's perfectly capable of getting a salad out- whether he believes himself to be or not.

anyway that's enough about writing, chaos and food. I will find a suitable story and post it and see what you all think. Or I'll start a new one....after supper of course.

The End

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