Keep following the boy. He's bound to give in eventually.

I hovered for a moment, indecisive. I could leave him alone... the thought of floating through the world I had so recently lived in, invisible and intangible to everyone still living in it made me shudder. No, gotta go after the boy.

I followed him for a while, bonning just above him in the air. How to start... this guy had been an ass, but I needed him. I had to be polite. Ok. It couldn't be worse than being nice to the shareholders, right?

"Would you at least tell me your name? Please?"

No response. So he's gonna ignore me? No. Way.

"Listen, I just don't want to be alone, ok? Could you just talk to me? I don't know if you've ever died, but it's kind of a shock and it would really help if you could find it in your tennage heart to JUST TALK TO ME."

He turned in to a house, closing the garden gate behind him. I walked right through it. He opened and closed the front door. I made to walk through that too, but, movie-style, got bounced back on my butt on the garden path.

"Wha?" At least it hadn't hurt. I guess there are some erks to being dead.

I got up, and approached the door. Cautiously, I extended a hand, an encountered an invisible barrier, right on the doorstep. I knocked on it. Pounded on it. Kicked it, punched it - nothing. But, yet more perks of being dead, I didn't get tired, just a bit frustrated.

I was giving up, when the door opened. The boy stood in the doorway and looked out at me.

"That's a threshold. You can't get in without an invitation." At my puzzled and not a little grumpy look of enquiry, he sighed - and smiled wryly. "Home like this one have a sort of barrier around them. Supernatural beings, that's you, either can't get in or have to leave most of their power at the door."

"Crap." I pushed my no longer work-sick ghost-hair off my face. "Well, I'll jut have to sit out here then." I made to plonk myself down on the doorstep.

"You don't give up, do you?" I looked round at him, but he was already waling into the house. "You can come in, but no more yelling, ok? Could barely hear myelf think. Oh," he tossed a smile over his shoulder, "and my name's Sean, by the way."

Warily, I reached a hand to the doorway - and it passed right through. Pleasantly surprised by the change of heart, I followed Sean into the house.

The End

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