The boy agrees to help me set my life in order

He stopped so suddenly I almost went right through him. I swiftly moved back to avoid being too close. For a moment we both stood there, in what seemed to me to be an awkward silence. Was he thinking something over or what? I gave a stubborn stare at his back, willing him to give some profound explanation to either why he could see me or whether this whole 'ghost' thing was entirely natural.


Oh. He had been waiting for me to speak after all.

"Ah. Uhm," I paused, considering which question was to take priority, "Who are you?" I looked at him with mingled fear and curiosity.

He looked over his shoulder and straight into my eyes. His golden-brown into my (now fading) green. His mouth opened, then shut, as if he were making a decision. Then his brow furrowed gently.

"Call me anything you like, it wouldn't matter." He mumbled, just loud enough to hear. Then he paused again. I continued to stare withought a second thought.

"But perhaps..." He frowned again. "Nah. It's not important to you right now. I'll tell you later, just come with me for now."

I watched him begin to walk off with a look of utter confusion. Who was this guy?

"Well?" The boy asked, a hidden smile just visible, his eyes flashing in a daring way.

The End

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