The boy tries to send me to the next life, but...

The young boy turns around and slyly smiles at me. I sigh in relief, but there is noticeable mischevious seen in his eyes.

Mustering enough courage, I start to speak to him. "Hi, yes. I'm dead. But you probably figured that out when...yeah. I need some advice how to...," I am at a loss of words and start scanning my surroundings to find them. "get to the next life."

He seems to understand because his eyes light up and his smile widens.

"Oh, yes. I can help you with that. That's what I'm here for," he says.

"Great. Now, what am I supposed to be? Maybe a tall, protective tree. Or maybe a fierce lion who has to defend the pride from intruders? Or a solitary wolf howling in the moonlight. It's very comparable with my previous life, you know. So, how do we do it?" I contine to ramble on and on. He just stares at me and smiles.

The crowd surrounding the eighteen-wheeler and my flesh-body are paying no attention to the young boy who is staring in the night sky and smiling.

"Hi, are you on? Can you hear me?" I ask very annoyed.

"Okay, here's what you have to do. You have to fly upward," he starts saying.

"Yes..." I say interrupting him making sure I don't miss anything.

"And after that you twirl around three times. Make sure it's a proper twirl. Don't skimp on them," he continues still brimming with pleasure.

"Okay..." I say clearly confused.

"Then," he start to say, but people start realizing he's talking to himself about twirling in the air. News reporters start rushing over to him. I duck.

"Hi, sir. Were you just talking to yourself?" one news reporter asks.

"Did you see what happened, sir?" another asks.

A cop comes strutting towards him and he whispers to me, "Stay here. This will only take a moment."

A large, white van pulls up, and the cop proceeds to lift him and place him inside the van.

I catch a glimpse of the side that read, "Jolly Time Insane Asylum."



The End

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