Josie. Occupation: dead. Apparently.

There's something about dying that gives you a new perspective on things. I mean, what had I been doing with my life? Living alone, working all day, and all of it just to end up floating above my empty body where it lies in the middle of the road.

What a waste of time.

I almost feel like crying, but it's been years since I've shown that kind of weakness. Come on, Josie, Shake it off.

Right, so I'm dead. I can deal with that. What now?

I look around, and although I'm about nine feet off the ground, and presumably invisible there's a guy looking back. He's outside the circle of activity that surrounds the accident, and he's looking right at me.

He abruptly turns, and starts to walk away.

"Hey!" My voice sounds strange, flat, as if it falls from my lips straight to the ground. But the man turns back; he's smiling. For the first time, I notice how young he is. He can't be more than seventeen, but his eyes seem much much older. He shakes his head, and continues walking.

That's it. I will not be dismissed. I was in management, for god's sake! I chase after him - although, it's more like I float after him.

"Wait! Just one second."

The End

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