Well they're squishy...Mature

Whilst Jorge and Lobo maintained the base, the humans set up their artillery.

After an hour the humans started attacking, Jorge and Lobo quickly equiped their weapons, and went to counterattack. 

Lobo, i'll take the left you go right! ordered Jorge

Lobo sprinted to the right side of the canyon, while Jorge continued on to the left.

Jorge drew his dual Energy Swords, and sprinted to the nearest human squad.

Oh fuck, sarge? a marine called out. SARGE?

Jorge sliced at his knee, taking his left leg completely off, and then drove his other sword through his chest. He then decapitated another human his spinal cord severed in half and his blood spalshed on Jorge's arm.

A medic was hiding in the corner, he jumped out and onto Jorge, he stabbed his knife into Jorges armour, but it bounced off and out of his hand.

Jorge admired his courage, but quickly sliced his skull open. he had impressed Jorge with his cunning, so he took his dogtag as a memoriam.

Jorge, are you there? asked Tim over the radio.

Yeah but so are about 500, well 497 humans. replied Jorge

What about the Officer?


Ok we'll be back soon. finished Tim

An hour later Tim arrives to find 499 dead bodies. Jorge and Lobo have blood splattered all over their armour.

Jorge, Really?

Well you can have him if you want. Jorge repied cooly, pointing out the Spartan super soldier running towards them.

Nah i'll leave him to you. Tim anwsered

The Spartan ran up and flipped over Jorge, firing a clip from his assault rifle as he did. Jorge drew his swords again and span around to face him. He let one of his swords drag on the ground, leaving plasma burns etched onto the grass. Jorge saw his reflection in the Spartan's Visor. He looked like a true Elite. The Spartan ran, Jorge sliced at his neck but missed, the Spartan kicked his knee, but Jorge span around and kicked the Spartan from under his feet. Jorge stabbed at his chest, missed and took his right arm off. The Spartan screamed in pain. Wrenched its helmet off. Jorge  was shocked. It was a woman.

Go on then, kill me! she shouted.

No, our race respect brave fighters. It would be a waste of skill. Jorge answered.

Thankyou. I... I wont forget this. Im Kat by the way. she smiled

Jorge. he answered. Now go before anyone realises.

She left and Jorge rejoined his brother and Tim.

Jorge, its command you've been promoted. Congratulations, Zealot Jorge.


The End

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