Unwanted DutyMature

Jorge, Lobo, Tim and the other recruits are waiting for orders whilst their incompetant commanding officer Ang'elee wasted more time damaging parts of the base for them to clean,

"Here we go again. drills, cleaning or marching?" asked Lobo sarcastically.

"Y'know i really don't care, i just want to do something!" replied Tim.

" Just shut up, i mean its obvious that we'll be cleaning, look at the idiot he's damaging the base defences for crying out loud!" exclaimed Jorge.

A few seconds later a familiar and deeply aggravating voice echoed from across the courtyard.


"Oh what now, bloody idiot?" Jorge said under his breath. "Nothing sir, i've just been standing at attention for the past 4 hours like you told me to, sir."

"Get up there and repair those turrets that you damaged!" Ang'elee ordered.

"What! i just watched you destr-"

Ang'elee interrupted "Enough! Lobo help him too! The rest of you go for a 50 mile run, 50 miles there and 50 miles back. Tim shall lead you!" Ang'elee added much to the annoyance of all of the other recruits.

"Rather run than be with him." Tim told Jorge.

Tim then left with the other recruits to go for the 100 mile that they were instructed to do.

"By the way Jorge, you've just been promoted, you in charge of this base now" announced Ang'elee.

"What? I mean so you're leaving then? asked Jorge

"Yes now get to work, the human will be here soon." Ang'elee replied

"Wait, what?" asked Jorge again

But before he got an answer,  Lobo 'accidentally' dropped a wraith on the officer's head.

"Whoops, i thought that was the drop spot, where no one is supposed to stand..." Winked Lobo.

"Well as my first order as commander of this pathetic base, hide that body!" ordered Jorge.

As they started repairing the damaged base, they didn't see the crowd of human soldiers creeping over the rockface at the entrance of the base.

The End

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