Jorge's story.Mature

Epic tale of how Jorge got to be as good as he is. =D

Planet Sanghelios, Elite (Sangheli) homeworld, 2545

Jorge is born in typical Elite custom, not knowing his father. He grew up with his younger brother Lobo and his best friend (and future advisor and right hand Elite) Tiny Tim. Those three are the only Elites to be named after Humans. Jorge was named after a Spartan II super-solider who saved his Mother, Jorge-52, Lobo was named after savage Wolves that roam Sanghelios, and Nobody knows why Tiny Tim is named as he is, because he is the usual size for a Sangheli (7ft).

Jorge is 15 and in Military Training with Lobo, Tim and several other recruits under the command of officer Ang'elee.

"Lobo hurry up we'll be late for our final assignment!" Jorge told his brother.

"Shut up Jorge, y'know what we'll have to do, don't you? answered Lobo.

"Yeah but Tims heard reports of humans in the area, we might get to see one, capture it , and get vital information for the covenant!" replied Jorge

And with that Lobo finished putting his armour on and walked with Jorge to meet Tim and then proceeded to their last day of training.

The End

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