Jordan's Rights

I felt as if my rights had been taken away from me. I was so used to being see-through, invisible, that when Violet spoke to me, it was as if I was being violated and withheld from my rights. 

My right to be alone had been taken away. She was always with me.

My right to be dead had been destroyed. She was stirring something deep in my soul.

My right to be unseen was out of the question. It was as if she could peer right into my brain, picking at parts of it which I didn't know I could access.

I was enraged by the fact that one tiny flower could do that to me.

I was enthralled by the fact that Violet, solid, real, vibrant Violet, was that same flower.

She was not just one violet. She was a country of violets, a continent of field after field of violets, striking a chord in me that wasn't quite in tune.

I needed new rights, and a tuner.

The End

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