Jonas stars his tell

In the back of his mind when he entered the tent he made himself see the scene has it had been writen once in time by its author and now today he add his own voice.He change a few story lines and the plot by a lot and he brought them here.And then he open his eyes.


He was in the middle of the most amasing dinning ball.He had loved this story when he was little of how a young woman had find seven new friends amist all her misery.She still remained friends with the seven dwarfs as far he could tell and the fact he choose to bring her here was to show Sonia that not all he thought was dangerous or futuristic or in anyway conceived with God alike desires of creation.He wasn`t plaing God at all.He just wanted adventure like any other young teenager of his age...

In the room he was in there where mirrors in all the walls.This room was clearly designed with dancing in mind.Since his last memories of a dance where not that good he wanted to dwell on them,he decided to leave the room and see more of this castle.

There where sounds out there in the court yard and that is where Jonas went...

"You know he is far too young to learn how to ride,Hungus.He is only 4."Snow white loved her husband dearly but if she had a broom right now she might consider breaking over his handsome face!...

"Stop mothering him.We both learned how to ride as early as his age.He will be fine,Love."His face showed signs of good humour he knew she was not content,but she also trusted him with the safety of their son.But still she was not happy!

"Yes,mum.Stop mothering me.I am a big boy now."And left a big laughter explode in the quiet  morning.Prince Derrick as his people grew to call him in his short four years of life was the apple of both parenths eyes.He could do no wrong.And he was also very naughty.

Snow white stood at the first step in front of their house and looked at the most two important people in her life,her heart was full of joy,even if she was a bit concern about her son learning how to ride.

"Ok.I shall wait for you two in the library with some tea and cakes.Don`t be long."And she stood there as she saw they leave.

She only turn when they where a very small object in the distance.And then she saw this young man a stranger looking down on her from her front door.She knew him instantly.

Jonas their creator was here.What did that meant for them or their life ?

The End

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