Jonas is back

Sonia looked  at his wrist and saw this object that she had never came across."You can tell what time it its by seing this numbers ?Don`t you use the sun and the stars where you came from ?",but she still was looking at the watch while asking him questions.

"Yes,to the first.I don`t think so to the second.We have this instead of using the sun to guides us.It is quite reliable.Really!"And he took the watch out and put it on her hand.

She had no idea what to do with it,but in her mind she was still question herself why Jonas had come back so soon afer his last visit."You haven`t answered why you are here Jonas.Is something wrong ?"

In all the excitement of finding himself back here he forgot his purpose."Sonia,you have nothing to fear from the creatures i brought to live.I am aware now that i have created many from all the books i have back home,i also know that none of them will cause any of you or the others any harm.I wouldn`t created for that purpose."

"Why did you ?"She had wanted to ask him that since being send to collect him  in the prairie.Not she was not grateful for him bringing them back to life,she was.But she didn`t like surprises.And since she had arrived here with her family she had nothing but surprises!...

Why ?He had being very angry after the dance and when he had arrived home the only thing that brought him confort was the book that sat at his side table beside his right side of the bed.His favourite book."The adventures of Huckleberry Finn",by Mark Twain.And that is where he first started to think if he could he would creat a world where all his favourites caracters from all the books he had ever read and listen to by his mother,would come to life.And since he was thinking in that direction wouldn`t it be wonderfull if he could go there and have adventures with all of them?And when he went to sleep he dreamed and his imagination created all this and he knew even before he opened his eyes it had come to pass.

Why ? Because he hadn`t been happy for quite some time and here he could be.But to tell her  all this ?So,soon before they even knew each other?No.So ,he just open his mouth and said."Because i could,hence i did."

"As i thought,nothing better to do beside playing God."And turned around after putting his watch back in his hand.She really need it to take Cesar for a ride...

Jonas stood there seeing her walk away.He whish he could take it back .But ,something told him she was not ready to listen to him so he just turn and entered the tent...

The End

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