Time related question and why are you back ,Jonas ?

When she started reading Jonas world she had this idea on her head of a mistery land where all this mighty adventures between Jonas and the creatures he had read in the books would take action on,but as all conceived plans they take an action of their own when put in print.How to predict what any of them would do ?Or for that mather how they would interact or even if they would?!Yes,she had started reading with some expectations.But,very soon Jonas and his world where giving her a run for her money...

Back in his room still holding a book in his hand Jonas thought of the prairie he had just come from and let himself go...

...He appeared jut outside their tent,but Jonas didn`t go inside immediately.The sun was still high in the sky and Jonas wanted to know if in this world the perception of time worked in the same way when he was back home,so he just looked at his wrist watch and was very surprised what he found.

Sonia left the tent intending to go for a run with Cesar to clear her troubled mind,she didn`t expect to find Jonas there.He was looking puzzled.

"Jonas,what is wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong.But it seems that time in this world works at a diferent pace than back home from where i came from."

"And that  means exacly what Jonas ?Should we be concern?"She didn`t really like the way he looked almost delirious about he had just realised.And what was he doing back here?

"Sonia,it is not bad news for any of us,it simply means that time as no reference in relantion to where i came from.It may i spend hours here and i go back and it is just past 5 minutes there or several days.See my watch it is going back and forward."

He let her see his watch,and then he remenbered she may have never seen one...


The End

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