Reading some book titles

When he came back to his reality,Jonas looked at his watch first for a sense of how long he had been away for,it told him that only 20 minutes had past.So,it was with a sigh of relieve the Jonas made his way back to the house,but the concern over what Sonia had said still lingered in his mind.

He opened the back door and stood there for a few seconds listenning to the sounds his family was making."Could he had put them in any real danger with what he had just created?Should he tell them ?"But as soon as he tought it he disregard it.

Why scared them before he find something more about it?

He heard Sam playing with Benjamin in the nursery,his mum talking to Reys,and Leila back on the phone,his head shacking side to side,he thought something had to be done about that girl.

He closed the door behind him and took a look at it.

He saw the colour on the walls,a dark blue.If he looked above hecould see the universe(a small part at least-their own galaxy),painted in the ceiling.Reys knew how much he loved to sit and watch the night stars and name them all.That was why in the balcony outside his room was a telescope and a chair.

In the far corner of his room was the desk with the computer on,and from above centring all around his room shelves full of books made the rest of the decoration.

Slowly he directed his feet towards it.

The first book he saw was by Gabriel Garcia Marquez" A hundread years of solitude",which shooked Jonas where he stood.He remenbered some important passages from the book,and how it had made a strong impression on him.

Jonas became concerned and what Sonia had told him seem even more worrying now,in the book there where passages that spoke of war."What if i but that in?!"But as this thought occurred he saw the book next to it,and Jonas smiled.It was the book "Cinderella".

That was when Jonas realised something,if he had read all of this  books and he had the power of creation why would he bring danger to those he loved?Because Jonas loved reading.For him all his caracters where his friends.So,he saw no reason to believe he would have put any of them at danger even if the people he had brought to live interacted amoung each other.

He continue to read the titles on the shelves and his mind was surprised of the amount of diferent caracters he had created asuming all of these had been...

He lifted one more book,by Julius Verne.And he hoped that Sonia knew how to swim...

The End

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