Story World

Jonas knelt on the animal skin rug and  nervously turned the wooden cup around  and around in his hands.

"Jonas, there is something you must know in order to keep everyone safe." Sonia began hesitantly.

She didn't want to scare him so badly that he didn't come back. Her whole world would be stuck in limbo again if he did that.

"Do you mean everyone in your whole world, or just your family?" He asked her.

She came and knelt beside him. " Everyone, everywhere that your imagination has created. That means the people and creatures of all the places that you have read about can be harmed by your imagination. You could be harmed yourself, if the creatures turn hostile. "

She took a sip of water from her cup and looked directly into Jonas" face.

"Whatever happens in your story world may follow you into your real world. Your real family could be put in danger. If you don't keep strict control over some of the more violent characters in your stories, they could hurt, even kill someone. "

If something  bad happens in your story world, you can fix it by imagining that the bad thing didn't happen. If something bad follows you to your real world, the damage done could be permanent."

"How do I keep my story world from threatening my real world?" He asked, completely dumbfounded at what He was hearing.

"I don't know yet. I only know the stories that I was told as a child. In these stories, creatures came into our world from other places, from other stories. Some of them were dangerous."

"You have to know that you can create or destroy entire worlds at a mere whim. That is a great deal of power for a boy to handle." Sonia stood up and beckoned Jonas to get up too. She started towards the door of the tent, and he followed her.

"You must go back to your own world now. Time is passing, you will be missed. Just be very careful who you tell about your story world. You must be able to absolutely trust whoever you tell. I don't know if they will have power in our world or not."

"How do I get back home, Sonia?' He asked, beginning to get worried.

"You just close your eyes, and imagine yourself back where you were before you came here." She explained.

Jonas closed his eyes and concentrated really hard.

 "The tree house," he whispered. He opened his eyes and he was sprawled face down on the rough planking of the tree house.

The End

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