Them ?

In his mind he was going throught the list of books he had in his room and all around the house.There was at least 500 books in the house,his and every single book that belong to the family.Jonas had read all of them in the small span of his life.At the age of fifteen he found confort in the writen word when he was either occupied by school or his paper runs for Mr.Mitchell.

He went over in his mind which book had inspired him the most and he realised that all of them had,on diferent levels.Yet to discover how  he had  afected  the outcame of each caracter.

Jonas finally picked himself from the floor still holding the woden cup on his hand.He had even forgoten he was holding the thing!

Sonia was looking at him with a more stern expression than before and that was when Jonas realised that he had not heard the last of what the warrior had to say,he turn to him now and catched his last words.

"...So,you see Jonas they are all waiting for you to guide them in this adventure."And he waited for the boys answer.

"Them ?I am sorry i didn`t really paid attention to what you where saying.Who are them?"He said in a concern voice.He was only 15,how could someone be looking for guidence from him??

Sonia was the one who answered him."Father let me take Jonas around the village,i shall explain all to him.You need your rest now."And she took hold of Jonas arm and pulled him in the direction of the entrence of the tent.

On the outside life had continue at its normal pace,children where busy playing around the tents while adults where going about their daily shores.Jonas saw all of this and the faces that follow them when they made their way to the curral where Cesar was quietly eating some grass.

"Jonas,do you realise how many of us you created ?Or how many stories you seem to have bind together in this land?"

"No,i was just thinking that actually.The amount of books i have read throught the years have provided with the ideas behind this world,but i have yet to see all.The first ones i encounter where you and your father.Apparently Fantasia and the Never Ending Story is important to me,or you would have not be the first i see."At least to Jonas that was the only thing that made sense.

Sonia had been here in this existence for less than 24 hours ,but she knew one thing  he had no idea of what he had created...

As she she was readind the story ,she pause.Why is Sonia so concern?And then she remenbered the list of all the stories that Jonas had read.And she started to realise where the problem was.Oh,Jonas what have you done ?!

The End

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