A new Fantasia

In the prairie a bewildered Jonas was still coming to terms that he had given life to the caracters of a film he had once seen when at home recovering from a nasty cold last winter"Never ending story",he wondered if Sebastian was also here?

Would that mean that all the creatures who once where part of that world now lived here?So,many questions Jonas had but he kept quiet until they entered the tent.The sheer size was misguiding from the outside.

Jonas eyes toke in all the decor that seem more appropriate in a museum.The carefully well groom rugs that where made of animal skin,to the artefacts made of clay.He felt he had been released back in time when we still had native americans roaming freely in the land.He felt small in face of such items known to man only in history books and museums,how had he imagine such a world ?

The girl was busy pouring hot water in small cups made of wood and her father had by now sat down.He was paying attention to what Jonas as doing,his face showed delight in sharing his pocessions.

"How did I do all this ?"

"Jonas,you where obviously captivated by our history .Of how we the native americans made throught all the perils we had to face when the white man came to our lands,that you prefered to portrait us through a story by a little boy named Sebastian,only you have the answer to that."The man that now stood before Jonas had once been a boy that fought to safe a way of life in the name of the princess,but that boy had grown and married .He had children,burried his heart one winter and now was just waiting for his time to come.But one day when he least expected new life had been poured into all of them and all the prairie had been given a full extention in life,all because of what  this boy had thought...

And that is how they had come here,and had waited for Jonas.They had seen in a vision who he was and knew when he would try and come here.There where a few things he need it to know.And his daughter was not too happy being brought out of their normal existence.All the stories told to her of what had happen in the past to him ,didn`t made her trust in humans very much.His Sonia was for lack of a better word to describe her a none beliver,and since he knew what was out there he knew she would like what he had too say even less...

Oh,my God!Sebastian "Never Ending Story "?The sheer magic of this world.Jonas,thank you for this.Where is the dragon ?

Sonia was still busy pouring water in the cups,but she kept an eye on this so call creator that had made them come here like thay had no free will,for that reason alone she didn`t trust him from the beginning,but father had been very adamant that she kept her true opinions to herself,so others from the tribe paid respect to Jonas.But that didn`t mean she wouldn`t keep a close look on his activities when in their world.

Jonas was still letting what the great warrior had said.So,if he understood right that meant he had dreamed a new Fantasia ?

"Did I erase old caracters from Fantasia ?The dragon?The talking rocks?Junior ?The gnomes?Did I change all of them ?"

"No,Jonas.You wouldn`t been possible to think of Fantasia and not created them once again.But you change some things about them,made them a new version,that speaks of who you are.So they are part what they where part you."

His mind was thinking too much, that  his body just couldn`t take it anymore and he fell to the floor,where he remained.

"Here,drink this it will make you feel better."She didn`t have to like him ,but he seem to have suffered a great shock to find out he had created a whole new world and father had not even begin to tell him about the rest...

The End

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