The prairie

Is this world created by the power of imagination like ours,I barely can control myself to see through Jonas eyes...

His foot had barely touched the ground when he felt he no longer was in the tree house.His eyes looked for any familiar mark,but all he could see was a fast land that streached before him.Where was he ?

His feet continue to walk forward and he started to listen to his surrondings.The sun felt hot on his skin,and he hadn`t know he would require his cap,that was now standing in the end of his bed back home,his brain kept sending him this signs of doubt.

How will you get back home?

But Jonas was so trilled to finally be here it was the least of his worries.Or the other hand he wish he would find someone to talk to ,so he could ask where he was.

As soon as the thought processed sounds of galloping is heard closer and closer.Jonas looked in all directions before he was able to see where the rider was aproaching from.

This magnificient white stallion stopped in frount of him ,but if the horse was magestic,its rider was even more so!

"Who are you ?"Jonas asked in bewilderment.He had never seen such beautiful creature ,the way she just stood there seeing him almost as she was judging if he was worthy of her time.

"You are Jonas,the creator of our world.I was send to bring you with me,come."And she extend her hand out to him.

"I can`t ridde.Sorry."It was bad enough to look so out of place ,but to make fool of himself  in frount of a pretty girl was asking too much of Jonas,espeacilly after last night dance!...

"You don`t have to.I shall take us home safely,just hold on to me.Cesar has never trown down a human before."And with that,she grabbed him by the hand and pulled him up.In no time they where ridding down the prairie.The wind kept playing with the girls hair and Jonas only now realised she hadn`t said what was her name.

His adventure really had begun,his heart race up with joy.

Her village was not far away where she had collected him so,in no time they had arrived.She stopped Cesar and stepped down.Jonas remain on the horse not really knowing how to get down and felt Cesar getting impatient to regain is trot.

Not wanting to be left on the top of a horse that he had no idea how to stear,Jonas let himself fall and landed on the ground with a most loud noice.

"That is going to leave a bruise tomorrow, my friend."

Jonas was still shoothing his backside when the voice made itself heard.Who now,was Jonas thought as he turned in direction of where the sound had been made.And his face froze in shock."No,way."

"Jonas,how can you doubt your eyes?After all you did created us.It came from your imagination.I am real enough.Here..."And he started to walk to a very quiet Jonas.

He couldn`t believe his eyes,he knew all of his great achievements in history and he always thought how great must have been to have been him,but now face to face his tongue was stuck to the back of his troath and all inteligent comment seem to have left his brain,so he just stood there munbling under his breath."How?..."

But then something else happen,the girl came back.And she was less than happy."Father,you know better than to frighten him.Can you see the poor boy is in shock.Take him to our tent.Where we can explain  all of this."

The End

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