Jonas steps in with all his heart

So the creatures could travel between worlds...Intriguing.I wonder where this will lead,lets read some more...

The tump on the floor by the ceramic elf was in somehow not what Sam really expected when he had seen that little creature talking to his master,and know that mum had entered the kitchen he should make himself scarce because Jonas looked less than intertained by what he had just done.So while Jonas tried to think of what to say to Yolanda(that was his mum,by the way),that he grabbed the pointy red hat and took off in the direction of Benjamin`s room.

What to say ? For someone who had just created a new existence per se,he was out of words,so he just remained silence and said nothing,in his worst moments of trouble in his little years silence always had served him better when dealing with mum,she had a sneaky way to get things from him.She use to say that all mums do,it is how they go about descovering what is going on their kids life!She could be a riot some times.

But,for now she was slightly distracted by putting together some breakfast for all of them.Not that that prevented her from questioning him.

"So,i heard from Leila what happen yesterday at the school dance.Want to talk about it ?"She turned from the stove holding a mixing spoon in her hand and a very inquiring look in her eyes.

There that was the mum that Jonas knew all his life she woulf over to listen without really prying,she knew when he was ready he would seek her out and talk his hearts content,for now he would rather forget the humiliation that he had suffer at Sarah`s hands last night...

"Later,right now i have a few things i need to finish in the tree house.Are we still going out to get the christmas tree later on today ?"Jonas loved his family very much and his favorite time of the year was when they got together and choose the tree,in less than two weeks his grandparents would be here,be barely could wait to show is grandfather what he had created,he would love it!

His mother looked with love in his direction and slowly let a smile touch her face when answering him."Yes,just after lunch,if we can get Leila out of bed.Was she on the phone all night again ?Did you hear her from your room ?"But,there really was no anger in her question her firstborn was just becoming a woman just before her eyes and she trusted her.She had full confidence in all her children to do the right thing in everything they encounter in life,no matter how hard the situation was or how hard the choice was,so it was with some amusement she saw Jonas barely contain himself from dashing in a hurry from the kitchen to the outside world."That boy..."She thought as she turn to stir the eggs.

Outside the cold weather was making Jonas breath be seen as he tried to slow down before entering the tree house,he knew that beyond those walls he had built with Reys started a whole new world.

The beating of his heart increases and he can feel the excitment make him want to stop to savor this moment but his youth wants to just dash in and see.His mind racing a mile a minute,he takes the first step in...

The End

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