Jonas meets Bartholomew

"Are you going to wipe that milk off your face?" The elf asked conversationally.

Jonas stared at the the little man that was standing on the chair across the table. His mouth gaped open, and the line of milk dripped off his chin.

"Wh..who are you?" Jonas stammered.

"I'm Bartholomew." I live in your new world. What do you want to do today?" With that, Bartholomew reached across the table and grabbed a handful of Sugar Puffs from Jonas' bowl. He tipped his head back and dropped the entire chubby little fistful into his mouth.

Jonas took a good long look at the little guy, as he chewed his cereal like a cow chews a cud. The elf was wearing what elves usually wore in the fairy tale books that Jonas liked to read. This consisted of a tall red pointed hat, blue tunic, blue pants, black boots and a red belt. Over all this flowed a long black curly beard.

Just then Sam came barging in the through the kitchen door that Jonas had neglected to latch.  First he put one paw on Jonas' lap, and gave him one big Slurpee kiss on the cheek.

Wagging his tail happily, he rested his chin on the table and looked directly Bartholomew. Jonas's world was brand new, and he didn't know if Sam could see the elf or not.

The question was answered suddenly when Sam took his head off the table. He walked around to the other side, and swallowed Bartholomew whole. Jonas screeched and ran around the table, to grab Sam by the shoulders. He started shaking the dog up and down, considering that he was a whole lot bigger than Jonas, this was hard to do.

"Spit him out! Spit him out!!!" Jonas cried in alarm.

"Spit who out?' His mum asked as she came in to the kitchen in her robe and slippers.

Just then, Sam coughed up a ceramic elf figurine.

The End

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