Jonas world

Jonas is a young man who as a vivid imagination,secure in his on world he creates an alternitive existence where those who share a common love for adventure are welcome...

In the begining the idea started to form in the secret corner of the little child mind.He was always being told by those who knew him,what great imagination he had.

And a new world had been created.Connect to this realm of existence by the sheer power of imagination.For now his alone,but soon he felt others would join...

The limitations on what could be achieved or created or even if humans could co-exist with figures of our dream world where yet to be seen,but in the mean time Jonas had a whole new world to explore.

A world that once formed in his mind and now existed outside his bedroom door,visible only to those who believe in the power of dreaming and descovering new adventures.All where welcome here if pure of heart,the world concealed itself from those who meant to harm it in anyway or its leaving creatures.

On an all Jonas had used all his memories of books his mother had read him trough childhood and the ones he had since then read,he barely could control his eagerness to go and explore this world he was responsible for.

But,since he had just awaken and other precising matters where being instigated bellow is belly button.He decided to pay a quick visit to the toilet and have some breakfast before he came and find out what awaited him.

It was a good thing it was saturday and he didn`t have to worry about school.

As soon as he left the room we take a look in this world that just got created.The words gave form to places,creatures where brought to life,and as we know life presented itself.

Jonas inmagination was full of details...

Downstairs in the kitchen he could hear the sound of scraching nails on the floor. Sam must have been waiting for him to get up in order to be let out.And then he looked on the clock over the stove,it had just struck 8 in the morning,no wonder no one was up yet.

His mum and stepdad would be in bed,his elder sister by two years was most likely now starting to fall asleep since she had been on the phone to her friends all night  as per norm,and his younger brother Benjamin was still well in to the land of dreams since no noice had come from the nursery across the hall from him.

"Come on Sam,time to let you out."The great San Bernard almost run him down in the wake off passing by,he was a real big dog.

Jonas wanted to go back upstairs and fully research this new world,but first cereal was in order,his stomach was making very loud noices.

He brough a bow out of the cupboard picked the sugar puffs from the breakfast rail and went to the fridge for some milk,he then sat down and pondered on what he was about to see.

His excitment was so great he barely paid attention to the line of milk running down his face...

The End

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