joker's boot camp

the joker is back and he has more plans in store for not just batman but for other superheroes alike

joker's return

good evening ladies and gentlemen i just wanted to say one thing to you all before we begin this wonderful exciting explovive event. WHERE IS THE BATMAN! i mean where is he? hmm? DEAD! that's right! DEAD! so why am i hearing this thing about his return like he imorrtal or somthing  always do a sweep of your work before you leave that's what i do. now here it is that all of you's are suppose to be these type of superheros huh? your all fake lame get out of my sights cause i can kill you (snaps fingers) like that! so if anybody objects to the rules which there are any speak now! or hold your peace forever that is till i get it out of you. now go and destroy the city

The End

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