Aftermath of IllusionMature

The illusion vanished and the girl lay alone on her knees, surrounded by the darkness she had craved but moments ago, but which now seemed empty and worthless. Hidden behind a pillar, the man in the purple hair watched her sigh. He admired her perfect form, her heaving bosom and her blonde curly locks, her skin glistening with sweat. His hand reached out to her of his own accord, but he knew he had no power here. He saw her rise and look around, wondering what had occurred. He could read her thoughts, confused and aflutter. And foremost of all, he felt her desire to see him again.

Joker began to whisper and his words made music of their own in her head.

“Oh Kathleen, how I’ve longed

To find someone like you.

I’ve been so gravely wronged

I have been so very blue

Come with me

Into the night

Fly with me

Out of sight”

The girl was startled; she could hear the whisper but could not see where the voice came from. She started to look around but the darkness enveloped her, stronger than before. The whispers continued.

“Oh my dear

Nothing is here

Let us hasten

Time is a-wastin’

For we must do it

We must sing a duet”

Kathleen was wide-eyed now, but she recognized the voice, and calmness spread over her. A joy so sweet pervaded her being. She sang back into the darkness.

“My voice is no match for yours

My singing is forced.

You’re a natural, sir

We must concur

The harmony of chance

It doth romance

My very being

Prevents me from seeing”

Joker smiled inwardly; he knew that tone of need, the blind pleasure of love’s retreat. This was the string he would pull, and Kathleen was his marionette.

“Then come with me

Into the night

Fly with me

Out of sight

Let our voices mingle

Let twain become single

Like our voices might

Let our bodies unite”

Kathleen smiled and blushed. She couldn’t see Joker, but she could feel the naughty smile on his face.

“Oh good golly dear

I do fear

‘Tis not as simple as that

Not at the drop of a hat

Teach me the art

That you hold in your heart”

Joker stalled for a second; the cue for his rejoinder flew past him. He looked down at his chest, within which he knew nothing beat. And all of a sudden, a note of sadness entered his song.

“But of that I have none

My art is undone

And now I must run

To my castle, hun

Not far. I wonder

Would you like to come yonder?”

Kathleen bit her lip. The offer to sing with Joker was tempting. But she also knew the little master needed her. Her mind clouded with indecision.

“Oh ‘tis an offer I can’t refuse

In my thanks I’d be profuse

But not tonight, dear sir

Far too late for an answer

Perhaps another time

We shall make another rhyme?”

Joker could not wait. He had to return soon, back to his castle, before sunrise. And the girl’s careless comment about his heart had touched a nerve. Summoning all his power, he whispered one last time.

“Indeed, my dear,

I’ll always be here

At your beck and call

Appear I shall

When you sing for me

And we’ll create our harmony.

Or find me at my abode

Just down the rocky road.”

With that, Joker expended all his power and faded into the darkness. The black shroud of night that had been drawn around Kathleen slowly melted away and night-time visibility took its place. Kathleen breathed deep, her mind awash at the beauty of the voice she had heard, and she went to sleep with a smile on her face, and one thought in her heart.

“Tomorrow, I’ll seek you out, Joker. And we shall sing. Like we did.”

And the tune played out in her head, a warning she didn’t recognize.

'Hiding my lustful heart, I approach you with sinful intent, it's not my fault anymore, you've seemingly captured this chaste heart of mine! '

The End

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