A Peculiar DuetMature

Kathleen left the young masters room as quietly as possible, even though she knew she was to care for him until he was content; she was far to frightened to stay in that room one second longer.

So, as usual, she retired to the maids quarters, feeling oddly tired. She was quite sure she was wide awake before she entered the room. Kathleen looked around, taking notice that nearly all the other female staff were fast asleep with odd expressions on their faces.

Shrugging, she undressed and clothed herself in her nightgown. She released her hair from it's usual post, packed up tight in a bun and it only just fell to her shoulders.

'I hope it will grow longer...' Kathleen sighed, fingering the short blonde locks.

The young women stepped over the piles of clothing which had been tossed left, right and centre; so not to wake up her colleagues.

Kathleen collapsed onto her bed, falling into her slumbers as soon as her head hit the pillow; and she welcomed the oncoming darkness, desperate to drown in it for the little time she had.

But the pitch black did not flood onto her like she was used to, instead, she found herself stood in the centre of a ballroom. It had been a very long time since she had been in one of them!

She walked forward, tripping over the hem of her nightgown as she did so; but a pair of warm arms caught her almost instantly. Kathleen looked up into the face of a incredibly handsome stranger, but instead of backing away, she stayed in her current position; mesmerized by his face of absolute beauty. It was more glorious than most of the wives who belonged to Lords. It glowed brighter than any star, that included that sun. He was simply put, stunning.

'Ah! I'm ever so sorry.' Kathleen gasped, nearly falling over again as she darted out of his arms. She noticed that this felt far too vivid and realistic to be a dream. But because there was no other explanation for the situation, Kathleen just accepted it as another one of her peculiar slumbers.

'It is perfectly fine.' The man smiled a slightly crooked smile, it resembled that of a thief, or a criminal. But it seemed that no other smile would suit that face of his. He had a sing-song voice which made Kathleen a little jealous. She wished she could sing, even when speaking. But the other maids and butlers would surely tease her if she did so.

'I never knew I could dream up something this wonderful.' Kathleen smiled, picking her words carefully, not wanting to sound too common in front of the beautiful man. He smiled the crooked smile again and turned in a little circle, Kathleen noticed his hair was that of a vivid purple and it lay in tangles down to his hips. She wondered how he gained such magical hair.

Soon after he had done his little turn, a music began to descend from the ceiling, Kathleen automatically looked up to see nothing but a beautifully engraved marble roof.

The man held out a hand, and when he spoke, his voice had a distinct rhythm to it, 'good evening my dear, I don't recall my name, but those who do named me Joker.'

'How can you forget your name?' Kathleen laughed, taking his hand, 'oh my, I'm being rude. My name is Kathleen Carrol. As far as I am aware.' She added. Because this dream felt far more real than any reality that she had ever experienced.

'Well, my sweetest Kathleen, would you care to sing with me?' Joker asked, cocking his head to the side.

'Sing? Oh, I couldn't. I'm much to awful, honestly, I don't know many songs and the half I do know, I made up myself!' Kathleen babbled, she felt her cheeks redden. But Joker just smiled knowingly.

'You don't need to know this song!' He declared, 'my songs play you!'

And sure enough, Kathleen felt herself begin to feel one with the steady pulse of the orchestra that wasn't even there. Joker span Kathleen into a loose dance with him, and she picked up the dance quickly.

And, thus, the man with the purple hair and crooked smile began to burst into a glorious melody with the house-maid clad in her nightgown...

'Our lines of sight intersect within this secretive dream that we share,Through the glances that collide I can feel the infatuation seeping from your every pore... ' They recited in perfect sync.

Joker darted away from Kathleen, leaving her a little breathless, he glanced at her through his fringe and opened his mouth, hand to his diaphragm.

'Hiding my lustful heart, I approach you with sinful intent Just hearing that voice filled with innocence paralyses me,

torturing me to the point of insanity as the desire build up in this blackened heart I possess. I now set up a trap to ensnare that chaste heart of yours,

It wont be possible for me to lose you any more! Thinking that my words are pure, you've let your guard down. Even if it were a potent poison,

I have the feeling that you'd drink it for me, and only me. So drink down this obsession of mine.  '

He shimmied over to her and took her hand once again, spinning her in numerous circles until it was her turn to sing, back to him,

'There's no place to escape from this gleaming chain;

The more I force myself to forget, the more I have to remember,

Will my heart last for the rest of this crude dream?

Will my soul not break during our dance of incandescence. I think I should leave... If you slip me into the deeper blushes than I already have,

I'll probably be violated by the scent of our mixing sweats. '

And while the interval returned, the pair danced in a wide circle around the hall, there was no name for the steps, or the light taps of their feet which pattered across the floor. Joker, once again, leaped away from her like he had been burned, and opened his mouth to sing a reply to Kathleen,

'I now set up a trap to ensnare that chaste heart of yours, If you try to escape, I don't know if my soul would break or not, and fail to grab you as you depart from my love and life. '

Kathleen gave a small smile and retorted,

'You slipped me into the deep blushes, I'll surely be scarred well and good by our mixing sweats.'

'But I honestly don't care!' They chimed together.

And then, Kathleen and Joker finally reached the last verse, Kathleen's voice had been steadily rising in pitch and it had finally reached it's last note on the scale as she cried the lyrics,

'Hiding my lustful heart, I approach you with sinful intent, it's not my fault anymore, you've seemingly captured this chaste heart of mine! '

Kathleen grinned, exhausted by their wonderful duet of a song that had never been written. She sank to her knee's and Joker squatted in front of her, 'don't forget me, dearest Kathleen, we shall be meeting again soon...'

The End

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