Enter A Strange StrangerMature

The man sauntered down the bushy path, occasionally jumping and clicking his heels together. His purple hair was a tangled mess that bounced up and down and kept in time with his walk. The biting cold tugging at his coat-tails didn’t seem to affect him; his smile seemed positively beatific. His eyes had the curious sheen of those that had spent years in widening amazement. A tuneless humming escaped his lips. Occasionally he’d mouth a word or two; eventually, when he couldn’t hold it in any longer, he burst out into song.

“Oh Glorious night

You framed for me a light.

I was but a pilgrim of darkness,

Your child, your heir.

I walked an unseen path

And thought myself alone.

But then a beacon shone

Beautiful as the bejeweled sky.

Clad in finest raiment

She sashayed across my road

A glimpse of her stole my heart,

A taste of Paradise; I couldn’t depart.

I followed like a lovesick lamb

She turned in fear and worry:

I dived into a bush

‘Twas as if she knew me

Her form called out to me

But my inner demon taketh hold

She hurried into her stately manor

To tend to her ward

And then joy and such sweet sorrow

I heard and needed no tomorrow

The voice of angels ringing true

She sang of love and longing

Her timbre woke my need again

Sweeter than harp or lyre

Her song fanned my carnal fire

I leapt on to the balustrade

Climbing the oak to hear her clearer

Brushing aside the leaves

But the magic broke

As did the oak

The spell didst end

And I fell

She rushed but saw nothing

I’d flown like a bird

But the last lines I heard

And I know she sang them just to me

‘ yes we're to be bound by a sinful chain,

or it would be too boring for us,

Dear, you're going to live with me…’

Yes indeed, you’re going to live with me”

The man stopped singing, and the grin that appeared on his face, stretching from ear to ear, was a tad more ghastly than mirthful. The man continued to hum the discordant tune to which he’d sung as he walked. And the haunting notes floated out into the darkness, descending heavily in the silence of the valley.

The End

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