Kathleen stood at the edge of Tockworth, she shivered and pulled her cloak tighter around her frail body. She was on her way back to the manor in which she lived and worked after a performance at Tockworth's inn.

Usually, Kathleen felt at ease walking down the path which led to the manor; even at night. But there was something about the shadows and cloud-ridden sky that made her wary. She felt a ominous presence near her, and she really didn't like it.

The young women turned her head so she could get a sly look behind her, just to be sure there was no monster lurking in the darkness behind her. After a good twenty second stare she seemed to finally be satisfied; and carried on walking.

Then, once she was relieved of her childish fear, she had a pleasurable walk back to the manor.

'Kathleen! The young master is refusing to go to sleep! Please, just sing him once song!' Her friend, and fellow maid, Jayne cried, slamming her hands on Kathleen's slender shoulders;  making her wince a little.

'I surely can't be that late, the young master usually goes to sleep later than this.' I must have spent too much time loitering on the path, Kathleen sighed in her head.

'He was playing up again today, he chased the young mistress around the garden with some sort of insect dangling from his fingers.' Jayne shook her head, 'she was in tears for the rest of the afternoon. Anyhow, please, just put him to sleep!'

'I shall go right up.' Kathleen nodded, taking off her cloak and folding it over her arm.

She set off towards the stairs, and when she arrived in the young masters room, he was sat on the wall of his balcony with a defiant expression plastered on his face; his arms crossed in a immature way.

'Young Master James. Please, will you go to sleep if I sing for you?' Kathleen called out softly, the young master's head snapped round and a radiant smile crossed his face, he nodded and practically sprinted to his bed.

Kathleen laughed softly, and smiled as she tucked the young master into his bed tightly, as though to make sure he couldn't escape the confinements of his quilts.

'Okay, I'll sing my new one for you.' Kathleen told him, 'it's a love story...'

"I've been longing just like a maiden in distress
I'll run away , just so I can find you, my prince,
may the magic stop the time,
before the villains find us,
I want to run away with you, like a thief with his loot,
but don't call me with that name
yes we're to be bound by a sinful chain,
or it would be too boring for us,
Dear, you're going to live with me.."

Even when the young master fell into his slumber, she wanted to finish her song, but a rustling noise near the edge of the balcony made her freeze in terror. She gulped loudly, and summoned up the courage to check -- the young master's safety was her priority -- and when she did so, nothing was there.

'I must be tired...'

The End

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