He Bounces Off Onto a Magic Carpet

“Ahh!!!” John screamed.  “I’m going to die!!!”  Bounce!  Boom!  Plop.  “Where am I?” asked John, dazed about what had just happened.  But, John wasn’t dead.  He felt like he was, floating.  He sat up, and looked down.  He was on a…rug?  “That’s weird, there’s no such thing as a…” He stopped.  He just realized that he was floating.  In fact, he was flying.  On a carpet.  A magic carpet to be exact. 

         “Hello, John the Unicorn!  You have three wishes.  Use them wisely!” said a man dressed in a turban and weird clothes sitting on the carpet next to John. 

         “Who are you?” John asked.

         “I, am your genie,” the man said.

         “Sweet!!!  So, can I wish for a pot of coffee, some brownies, and a trip to Paris?” John asked excitedly.

         “Seriously!  You’re on a magic carpet, not knowing where you are going, and all you want is food and a trip?” the genie asked, surprised.

         “Well, I still want that trip to Paris…” John thought, “Do you think I could have a trip to Paris as my first wish, a pot of coffee for my second wish, and…to be dropped off at the Eiffel Tower,” he finished.

         “Are you positively sure that’s what you want?” The genie asked.

         “As long as I get off this thing, yes,” John replied.

         “As you wish.”  Those were the last words John heard before landing on the Eiffel Tower, with a pot of coffee and, out of luck, brownies.


The End

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