Summer Night.

More of a writing exercise, I just want to see what feedback I can get from you guys.

I lay in bed trying to be comfortable. This night was hot, and my attempt to sleep only allowed the warmth in the room to descend, like a soft blanket, and settle around my body in the form of heat, embracing me, drawn by my living aura. I would have faced the consequences of submitting myself to the heat if in return, I was permitted some sleep. Yet, my reflexes took the unauthorised atmosphere personally and fought back with stingy, cold sweat. Leaving me helpless to be the only witness of this biological war. A cool squadron of sweat mustered from the barracks of my hairline (they say an entire army resides in the actual hair), and attempted to push through the huge, empty expanse of no man's land, which was my forehead. I hazily wiped the bead with the back of my forearm, inadvertently leaving a streak of the fallen group from the wrist division. I sighed deeply, allowing the gas to breech the inside of my body, and pushed against the heaviness of the air and my own sweat, sitting up. At this point, some of the main covert forces would have taken this disturbance as a good distraction, and charge side by side down my temples, however, imagining these war battles was making me sick. I got up, and left my room.

I washed the remnants- no, the grease from my face and supporting myself on the basin, blinked blearily into the mirror to see if I found myself attractive tonight. The water had reddened my colourless eyes, and the artificial light reflected dully in my dirty coloured hair. Water dripped off my 'full' nose, and my 'heavy' lips were subconsciously turned downwards. Seeing this, I flashed a smile into the mirror. No, not tonight. The muscles around my mouth seemed too tight and false, nothing more to do here. Maybe in the morning. I dropped the smile and quickly sloughed the grime from the back of my neck, then abruptly striding back into my room which was still hot even though I had left the door open. 

I took a quick glance at tomorrows timetable:

Week One

1 - English

2- Maths

3- Study Period

4- History

5- Study Period

Disheartened by the sight, I couldn't stop thinking that I was missing something, until I realised that I was on summer holiday. A could feel a spark of excitement for a few moments, until I thought how stupid I was for forgetting, and was left with remembering how worn out the novelty of 'summer holiday' is, as in reality it's just a fight to keep yourself entertained and sane for six weeks, like releasing a prisoner (of war) into a desert. Pointless.

After waking up, I tried to get out of bed but ended up sitting on the edge of my bed staring at the floor. The carpet was cream coloured, light gray edition. Mmm.

After a pleasureless breakfast of the seemingly always in stock: Coco Pops. I found myself outside, shifting myself onto my bike, and pedalling down the road. I turned a corner and the smell of fertilised air invaded my nostrils. The road was straight now and I took a good look and listen for any cars around, which of course there weren't. I pushed harder down on the pedals, pumping more sweat out of my back. My fists and arms locked to keep the bike completely steady. I had reached a very high speed and the air was covering and pulling at me, my eyes were wide open as I stared down the road. A smirk arose, behind my mouth, threatening to come out. The tarmac ground was a dangerous blur and the hedges on either side of the road rushed past. This was it, I shut my eyes.

I grimaced at the danger of my blindness and bit my lip, an unfinished batch of adrenaline tightened my muscles and imperfect mixture of mostly fear yet a large dose of pleasure flowed through me, I could feel the rough, dry, old tarmac roaring below me, trying to drag me down and rip my flesh. The chains of the bike rattled alarmingly, dealing with an ungodly amount of force. The wind tore and howled past my ears, which was now harsher yet cooler on my face. My newly produced bodily chemicals reached my nose, unblocking them and forcing more burning air out. Any second I would crash into the T-junction and brake my neck down in a ditch, or tear through brambles and shred myself on farming machinery. I opened my eyes to their fullest, but only saw blurry whiteness. I could hear reality pulling and rushing and waiting for the impact. I screamed, shaking my head, clenching on the breaks.

The bike turned forwards and scraped, I hunched, seeing nothing but the insides of my screwed eyelids, feeling nothing but the tension in my body and the grinding of my jaw.

The bike stopped. I breathed, the gaseous elixr of a near-death rose up and away into the air. I relaxed, and slowly opened my eyes, looking up. The T-junciton was where it always was, yet I wasn't. I was only half way up the road. I laughed and yelled, but as I continued to look at the end of the road, my laughter died. A felt a sense of emptiness. I felt stupid and bored. I wasn't even close to the end. I looked down in shame, what am I doing here, cycling alone, laughing like a maniac after potentially nearly killing myself. I saw my whitened knuckles, still clenching. Disgusted, I let go immediately, and looked up again at the road. The trees blew soflty, almost waving at me mockingly from a distance. I sat. The wind seemed to return but I didn't notice when it left. It blow warmly on my cheek. My face sank, I wiped my cheek and walked home.

The End

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