Walking up the driveway, the man soon found himself at the doorstep of the house, shaded by a couple droopy eucalyptus trees and propped up, it seemed, by only a few wooden posts. A cat scurried across the yard and the boards underneath his feet creaked when he shifted his weight. Everything about this old-timey place looked like it creaked in one way or another. It almost surprised the man that the doorbell wasn't a recorded version of this creaking, but a loud and clear dinging.

            The man waited about twenty seconds before he rang the doorbell again. Nothing happened. Looking in the window, the man found only dark shapes of furniture. The man tried three more times to see if anyone was at home, but no one answered. The man tried the door and when he found it was locked, gave up his search and headed for the barn. No cars were in except for a rusty old pickup truck that seemed to be seeping into the earth. Dry grass seemed to be pulling it down into the sandy ground. It probably had not been used in many years.

            Slightly disappointed, the man walked towards the barn. It was surprisingly difficult since the ground was uneven and the brown the grass tangled around his knees, making it hard to walk. The man felt like he was wading through a pool of desperate fingers, trying urgently to take him into the earth as well. The man felt fortunate to make it to the barn alive, whose ground was dirt-packed and hard.

            "Hello!" the man cried into the shadowy depths of the barn. Nothing answered but the surprised pigeons who had taken residence in the barn. They flew away in a flurry of feathers and terrified cooing. Small rays of light poked in from every direction where gaps and holes were made. The man's eyes slowly adjusted to the dark lighting of the barn until he could discern the vague shapes he saw. Again the man's voice rose into a clear, strong shout for attention. "If anyone is here to hear me, I need some help! Anybody?! Does anybody live here?" Again no clear voice answered him. Disappointed, the man walked back to the house, sat down on the porch and ate the last remains of his food. 

The End

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