Sitting in the driver's seat, the man felt out of place and awkward. He couldn't quite remember how to even begin to drive and the airbag was a huge inconvenience. He searched around him and pulled out the lanyard of keys. His brain suddenly clicked and he realized that to start a car, one would have to use a key. However it took the confused and muddle-brained man quite some time before he could figure out where the key went and which key to use. Finally, one clicked into place and the ignition started, promptly followed by a flashing "check engine" sign. The man ignored it.

            A long time passed with much aggravation and frustration emanating from both the man and the car. At first the man couldn't figure out how to turn the car into reverse, then the car made an unpleasant sound as he jarred the gear stick back and forth. As he pressed on one of the pedals at his feet, the car's wheels started turning, but in the wrong way. In his panic, the man pressed the pedal harder, only to find the car was grinding further into the tree. This was followed by frantic button-pushing by the man; followed by frenzied windshield wipers; followed by another noise from the car; followed by a shout of frustration from the man; followed by flashing lights, until he finally threw the gear stick as far forward as it would allow and the car began rolling away from the tree. At this point the man kept a firm grip on the steering wheel and ignored the distracting motions of the windshield wipers and lights.

            Successfully out of the trees, the man pushed on the brakes and took out the keys. He sighed and laid back on leather seat of the car. The man took a couple minutes of rest, letting the stress he had experienced recede from his body and replaced it with a few deep, calming breaths. Once he felt that his heart rate had gone down and the odd desire to run the car back into the tree had gone away, the man turned the key once more. Little by little, the man adjusted the car to where he could now properly focus on his driving, and learn how to drive without distractions. No matter how hard he tried, however, the "check engine" light continued to flash. 

The End

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