As he continued onward it became hard for him to discern things in the forest. However, after about an hour of walking, the man noticed something else. Despite the fact that shapes were harder to recognize in the shadowy forest, the man could still recognize something out of place. Next to the road, resting in-between a couple of large fir trees, was a small black car.

            As the man got closer, he noticed that its hood was damaged by a tree it had run into. The man's pace quickened as he began to see the details of a gruesome accident play in his mind. Shards of glass stood out, glistening on the soft bed of dry needles and moss. The man was standing at the car now, watching it at if it might do something, as if it might trigger a memory. However the scene was a stagnant picture and nothing more. It meant nothing to him.

            The car inside was empty. Whoever had used the car before was long gone. Maybe, the man thought to himself, I had gotten in the accident and found the cabin in time to pass out safely on the floor. It was a good assumption as any, but the man was still unsure. He walked to the other side of the car to the driver's seat where the door was wide open. The man stuck his head inside where the airbags hung limp and lifeless in the front seats, and where the backseats were coated in glass. Next to the wheel was a lanyard of keys hanging near the dashboard.

            The man stepped outside and away from the car and took a deep breath. His feet were beginning to get tired almost to the point of soreness... The car didn't look too beat up. Only a few shattered windows and lights... It wouldn't hurt to try... The man considered his luck carefully and decided that if he was ever going to get anywhere, he would need a vehicle. The man clapped his hands together and stepped once more into the busted automobile.

The End

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