The second day of this man's existence began in a similar state as his first. Sunlight streamed down on his face from one of the many windows in the cabin. Dust swam through the air. The cabin was once again noiseless. However, the man's awakening was a much less dramatic version of his previous waking. With as little effort as simply opening his eyelids, the man woke up.
            The man's second day was also different than his first in that he now had a direction. This morning he quickly ingested a peanut butter sandwich and a tall glass of water. After this, the man changed into a fresh blue T-shirt and packed all the food he could into his backpack. While doing this, a piece of paper fell out of one of the shirt's breast pockets. The man didn't hesitate to pick it up.
            The paper was a stiff piece of folded paper that, when opened, showed a colored image. The man sat down in a nearby chair and searched the picture. The photograph was of three young adults standing in front of a red truck, smiling and laughing at the camera. Two of the people were men and one was a woman. The woman had a freckled face and long, wavy black hair. She had a beautiful animated smile and wore a fleece coat and a maroon scarf. On either side of her were the two young men. The one with short blonde hair stood off to the side and gave a half-hearted smile and two thumbs-ups. The other man had his arm over the woman's shoulder  and seemed to be laughing. This man had brown hair and a sturdy jaw-bone. Something about this man made his heart skip a little. Still, the more the man looked at the picture, the less the faces looked familiar.

            The nameless man scratched his stubbly chin and ran his hands through his hair, when it suddenly came to him. The man in the picture was himself. He sat upright and stared at the window next to him, hoping to see some sort of reflection. When nothing presented itself, the man went to the kitchen and pulled out a spoon from one of the drawers. Even though the upside-down image was distorted and hazy, the man could still see himself. There was the slightly curly brown hair, the strong jaw-bone and the dark brown eyes matching perfectly with the man in the picture. He put down the spoon and grabbed the photograph. "So there are clues after all," he muttered to himself. 

The End

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