Joe the Joelar Bear

Runnung, running, I couldn't stop running. It was going to catch up to me. I was so scared. My feet turned to lead. It was hard to move. Oh no... I was dead. I could never survive this. It caught up to me and wrapped its paws around me like it was giving me a big hug. White fur, wet nose, pink tongue; it was a polar bear. And he was hugging me. He started talking to me.

"Hi! I'm Joe. You looked like you needed a hug."

"I did! Thanks so much. Do you want to come back and live with me in Kansas," I asked Joe, but before I could get an answer, my alarm went off. Beep! Beep! Beeeep! I opened my eyes, realizing that was just a dream. This was the moment that I made up my mind. I wanted a polar bear. I couldn't do too much about that right then, though, because I had to get ready to go to school.

All I could think about the whole day was how I could get my polar bear to Kansas. I just needed to have a pet polar bear! After school, I rushed home so that I could research more about polar bears and what they needed to live. Kansas probably wasn't the ideal place for a polar bear, but I was determined to find a way to make it work. I decided to text one of my friends, Kenton. He was pretty smart, so I thought he might have some ideas as to how I could obtain a polar bear.

The End

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