Joe Soap

Moral of the story: never skinny dip with a bunch of hippy nudists on a full moon night in the middle of spring when you don't know your ass from your elbow!!!!

Funny? You think?  Huh, if you only knew.  Re-phrase that... if I only knew. 

You see, I am suffering from a mild case of amnesia.  Mild being that I cannot remember an effing thing about the last 4 days!  I also, conveniently, cannot remember my own name.  All I know is that I am a young male, dark hair, tall enough to almost have to bend to enter most buildings and I have a funny shaped bruise on the lower right side of my back. 

The last thing I remember is getting ready to start a road trip with a friend, the car fully loaded with enough beer and snacks to feed a college frat house for at least 3 weeks.

Where were we headed?  Hell, I know we had a destination, I just cannot remember it.

The End

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