joe denuto the bee man of whatever place he was in

bizarro ongoing serial

joe denuto the bee man of saskatchewan

the bee man settled in on the snowy bank of the half frozen river. the water was sloshing along slowly, and it reminded of the way the girl with drawn on eyebrows had played with her drink. he considered for a moment the seriousness of the situation he had gotten himself into. he was a bee man living in the canadian wilderness, and finding enough things to pollinate had become near impossible. when he met that sweet faced girl the nectar of her mouth was too tempting. he had been thrown out of all the flower shops in the surrounding towns and had finally settled on sitting in a bar sipping at sugar water. she had come in quietly and sat down beside him, ordering a gin and tonic. he barely noticed her as he concentrated sucking the sweet water into his straw-like mouth parts. she swirled the gin around with the straw making an empty plastic sound as it hit the bottom and sides of the glass. he glimpsed her face and was overcome with a passionate attraction to her smile. there was some taste in the air that he could sense coming from her lips, (which turned out to just be her lavender lip gloss) a sweet nectar that he had to try for himself. he grabbed her violently by the head and pulled her face close to his own. his thin proboscis unfurled and whipped down her throat. she struggled and tried to shout but his mandibles clamped into either cheek and pulled her close enough to kiss, smearing her eyebrows off in the process. he drank her in quick feverish gulps, barely enjoying the taste as he finished everything down to the bile in her belly. his compound eye picked up a quick and threatening movement, a bar patron brandishing a pool cue. he tossed the empty girl aside, and used his only offense. he jumped backwards, sinking his half-meter stinger into the mans chest. as he landed, the man desperately grabbed hold of him, pulling the barbed stinger and a clump of vital organs out of joe. he spat and yelled in pain as he ran from the bar, holding his guts from falling out of his ass. less then a mile from the bar he collapsed at the river bank, his innards leaking into the water. parts of the girls esophagus fell out of him and into the snow. ten minutes later the police found him, following the trail of organs.  they didn't bother with an autopsy they just kicked him in the river.

The End

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