The Return Home

Margaret trudged through the snow to Rebecca’s house, where the woman was just stepping down off the senior citizen’s bus. Margaret blew on her hands to warm them and her nose as the elderly lady turned to her.

“My daughter left a note saying she was at your house,” she stated to the Rebecca’s gaze.

“She must be visiting with Mark and Anna then.” Margaret walked slowly beside Rebecca to the house.

“I hope it’s okay that Chris is there.” Margaret’s tone was a little worried.

“Of course she is.” Rebecca hastily assured her. “I always say the more the merrier.”

And indeed it did sound merry to them as they walked up the steps. For a moment they stood outside. Two girl’s voices chatted excitedly, punctuated occasionally by a deeper male voice. Margaret opened the door quietly so as not to disturb them. For a moment the two women watched from the kitchen. Mark’s arm was around Chris’ shoulder as she and Anna talked excitedly about some plot line or other.

“Mother!” Chris jumped up, having noticed Margaret in the doorway. “I was coming home soon, I promise!” Anna watched from her chair. “I’ll see you guys later okay?” Chris waved to them, before skipping out the door.

Mark slowly rose and followed. “Mrs. Rigsby?” Margaret stopped and turned to face the young man. “I know I may seem too old for your daughter, but I just ask that you give us a chance. She’s brilliant, and I,” Mark struggled for words.

Margaret put a hand on his shoulder. “I know,” she smiled, “I know.” She left, following her daughter’s footsteps through the falling snow back to their house.

The End

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