Chris patted the couch space next to her. Mark had just seen a side of her that normally only came out in text. Mostly because she didn’t have any really good friends to be that way with. She’d always been a bit conservative around Mark, because she was afraid she’d scare him away. If he had really read “Dream of Friendship” he’d know that and much more. Still, “You should read some of our collaborative stories,” she said as she moved to face him. “Your cousin?” he nodded, “is just as good as I am, and you’d probably understand what just went on better.”


Mark faced Chris. “Probably,” he said as he tucked away a strand of her hair that had come lose. Chris blushed and faced forward. Mark too turned to face forward. They sat side by side, only a few inches of couch separating them. Staring forward Mark’s hand found Chris’s. Their fingers entwined. It was something he’d wanted to do on their last few walks, but Chris never seemed to have gloves so her hands were always in her pockets.


Anna  peeked in at her cousin and internet friend. They were staring forward but holding hands. She smiled and turned back to pick up the tray. “Here we go, Hot coco!” She set it down on the coffee table. Leaving them the couch, she took up a perch on the chair. Six hands reach for a mug to warm themselves. “You know, since you’re here, we ought to talk about ‘Hidebound’” Anna said as she took a sip. She saw Sunlight raise an eyebrow and look at Mark. Anna giggled, “oh he’s totally used to my story discussions.”

The End

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