Chris came into the house with mock fury. She pushed Angle into the living room. “We finally decided to revolt. We can no longer take this torture, we demand happy endings right now!” Chris relented slightly as the girl’s face went pale. So she winked. Angle smiled. “Never!” she cried. The two girls went at it, letting their various characters come into play until they collapsed on the couch in laughter.


Mark watched Anna and Chris battle it out. He was utterly confused and perplexed by the time they were done. He had no idea there was someone else out there are crazy as his cousin. He had no idea that that someone would be the girl he’d taken a liking to. The two hugged each other as they wiped the tears from their eyes. “So, um,” he felt like third wheel right now, “how long have you two known each other?” Chris looked at him then at Anna. “What one year now?” Anna asked. Chris nodded, “about that.”


Anna stood up. “I’m going to go make some coco, you guys want some?” Mark nodded, though his eyes didn’t leave Chris. “Please,” Sunlight spoke up. She was studying Mark. Anna prayed that she hadn’t messed anything up. She just knew the two would work so well together, because, well Sunlight was like a slightly nicer version of herself. And if she and Mark got along well, then Mark and Sunlight ought to get a long really well.

The End

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