Chris read Anna’s next e-mail. It threw a totally new spin on what had happened. Chris didn’t know if she wanted to be angry or happy. She did feel the need to go and shake Angle by the shoulders and call her a dolt. She emoted such in her response. ‘Cousin, not his girlfriend, huh? You know, I expect this kind of torture and havoc in our stories, but really, in real life too? And all because you wanted to set him up with me next month? Really Angle this is just too much to believe! *Sun takes Angle’s shoulders and gives her a good shake.* Dolt! } Sunlight.’ Chris reread it twice before hitting send.


Mark listened to his cousin. “You wanted to set me up with her?” He looked incredulously at her. “That’s why you want me to go to the conference, that’s why you claimed to be my girlfriend.” He stood up and paced slightly. He stopped and looked back at his cousin. Leaning over he took hold of her shoulders. “You can be such a dolt sometimes!” He gave her a slight shake and stalked off.


Anna heard her computer chime. She rushed in and quickly checked her mail. She nearly fell over with laughter when she read the last line. “Oh now this is funny to you?” she heard Mark call from the kitchen. She was too busy typing to reply to him. ‘See, you and Mark absolutely belong together, he just shook my shoulders and called me a dolt too! <3 Angle (aka Anna).’

The End

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