Chris went and made herself some tea. It was cold in the house, but her mom refused to turn the heat past 65°F. She snuggled back into her blanket and held the warm cup in her hands. Angle’s first response to her e-mail had been a bit cryptic. Chris read it again: ‘I’m am so utterly and completely sorry for what I did. I had no idea who you were, if I had it would have been totally different. I really, really hope you can forgive me. I’m going to make him read “Dream of Friendship” now and then send you a full blown explanation. <3 AngleOfDeath.’


Mark read “Dream of Friendship” straight through. He knew Chris wrote. He knew that’s what made her an ‘outsider’ in this town of sports fanatics. He had no idea she was this good. Reading her story was like reliving every moment he’d spent with her. Anna was right, there was no way this Sunlight could be anyone but Chris. The last chapter drove that home like a hole-in-one. Mark bashed the paper against his head.


Anna sat down next to her cousin. “There,” she said. “she’ll either take it or leave it.” Mark looked at her. She pulled her legs up against her chest, nervously listening for the chime saying she had a response. “What?” he asked, lowering the paper back into his lap. “My explanation of why I did the stupid thing I did. God, are you not paying attention?” She sat up and faced him in frustration. “Do I get an explanation?” he demanded. Anna sighed. “Yes.”

The End

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