Chris hesitatingly sent AngleOfDeath an e-mail per her request. She was quite insistent on talking to her about “Dream of Friendship” outside of Protagonize. To be honest, Christ hadn’t expected that sort of reaction. Especially from Angle who she bantered with through comments and forums constantly. Chris played with her lower lip as she waited for a response.


Mark sighed. He nearly set the story aside to continue writing his when one of the lines caught his eye. “Avoiding a sex lesson?” he whispered. It had been nearly four months since he started talking and hanging out with Chirs, but that line was a hard one to forget. Now he had to read it, to see if maybe Anna was right. He heard her typing away furiously at her computer.


Anna typed as fast as she could, trying to get everything out that she felt she needed to say. She wondered if, maybe, it would be better to go next door. No text was best in this case. Sunlight knew her in text, going over there would be awkward to say the least. Especially considering what she’d just done. She’d already sent Sunlight a quick message to which she got a non committal Okay. She knew it was non committal because Sunlight hadn’t added any emotes.

The End

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