Chris lay on her bed, starting at the ceiling. She felt better having written out what had happened today. Still she hadn’t meant to post it exactly as it was. But everyone had liked it so far, so why change it now. Wiping tears from her eyes she went back to the computer room. AngleOfDeath had left five comments on her profile saying she needed to talk to her.


Mark crumpled another piece of paper and threw it at the trash can. “Mark!” Anna called to him. “What?” He grumbled back. Looking up he saw Anna in the doorway holding a stack of paper. “If you think I’m going to critique something you’ve written after what you just did,” he glared at her.


Anna moved toward him and held the small stack out to him. “It’s not mine, it’s hers.” He raised one eyebrow at her. “Read it, you’ll see. Please. This is her. I’m positive.” She pushed the paper at him so he could see the title and author. “Who?” Anna let out a sound of frustration.  “Chris, the neighbor girl!” She forced the paper into his lap and stormed back to her computer. “Yes,” she sighed in relief, finally she’d gotten a reply form Sunlight.

The End

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