Chris ignored the phone. She had a feeling she knew who it was and she didn’t want to talk to him right now. If it had been important, like her mother for instance, she’d have left a message. Her mom knew that sometimes, Chris didn’t like being bothered. And right now, was definitely one of those times. Lifting her fingers off the keyboard, Chris quietly read what she’d just written. An edit here and there and she hit preview. Her mouse hovered over the post button as the phone rang yet again, causing her to click. “Damn it.” She glared at the phone. It stopped ringing.


Mark slammed the receiver down. “Damn it!” he heaved a big sigh as he went into the kitchen to help clean up after supper. Why the hell had Anna claimed she was his girlfriend anyway. He glared in the direction of his cousin who was busy at the computer. He heard her gasp.


Anna’s hand flew to her mouth as she read Sunlight’s latest post in “Dream of Friendship”. There was no way. The names had of course been changed but the scene had not. There was no way that this was about anything other than what had happened just before dinner. Suddenly she felt horribly guilty. Going back to the first post she read the whole thing through with new understanding.

The End

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