A Sequel?

“You don’t think there will be a sequel do you?” He asked looking at me before getting out. “I always wanted to know if things ever worked out with Christa and Matt.”

I laughed. “A Princess must a Prince wed.” Then I sobered. “Mom probably got notes on it written down somewhere. But she got so many ideas for stories flying around its hard to say if she’ll ever get back to it. Besides that wasn’t her most successful book anyway.”

Jeff started when I said that, shook his head and got out. I just put my hand to open my door when he started opening it for me. He helped me out and I looked around. “Barnes and Nobles?” I asked.

“Seemed appropriate for our topic of discussion,” he grinned at me as he closed the car door and locked it. “They do have a coffee shop.” He offered his hand, which I took.

I couldn’t believe I was walking beside Jeff Brighton into a Barnes and Nobles store. One I frequented many times. When money was tight I often read the books right in the store, being ever so careful of the bindings. The Manager once bought me the whole Harry Potter series. He claimed all his employee’s chipped in because I was such a stout customer, but think it was just because he liked my mom.

“What’s your coffee shop pleasure?” Jeff asked as we walked to the cafe.

I glanced up at the menu, trying to decide if I should just go with my usual or treat myself. Jeff cleared his throat, but he was looking at the barista, not I. She blinked her eyes to refocus on him.

“I’ll have a large iced Americano please, no water extra ice and,” Jeff indicated for me to order.

“Ah, I’ll just have the usual.” Margaret blinked at me. I can’t blame her, the only person I’ve ever come here with before was my mom. “Medium iced Chi with a shot of peppermint.”

“Right, sorry about that Chris, my minds obviously a mile away.” She rang us up and Jeff paid.

“You didn’t want anything to eat did you?” He asked as she made the two drinks.

“Naw, I’ll be good with the Chi.”

“You sure?”

He looked nonchalant and nervous at the same time as he leaned against the counter. I didn’t know how he could pull that off. I myself was feeling a bit nervous.

“Here you are.” Margaret handed over the coffee and tea. Jeff grabbed his and turned to survey the tables. One of the two comfy chairs was taken, but he went over their anyway to talk to the man in the chair. Margaret leaned towards me. “Isn’t he a jock from Michael’s crew?”

“Yeah,” I whisper back, “but I caught him reading Rainbow Island, so he can’t be all that bad.”

She laughed as Jeff beckoned me to join him. Somehow Jeff had gotten the man to move. “Good luck.” She whispered as I left.

I felt lucky enough just getting this opportunity to hang out with Jeff. 

The End

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