Where were you?

“I ought to laugh at the thought of you reading.” I grin at him. There is worry in his eyes. “Oh come on, it can’t be that bad.” I haven’t looked at the book yet. I weighed it in my hand as he studied me. “It’s defiantly not a graphic novel.” I made a play of feeling the cover. “Hard cover too with a nice embossed jacket, so it’s not smut.” Jeff sighed and tried one last time to swipe it. But I turn and look at the cover. “Harry Potter?” I turned back to face him as I held up Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. “You’re kidding.”

“Yeah. Harry Potter, light reading to balance my heave course work. Go ahead laugh.” Jeff heaved a big sigh as he turned on the car and proceeded to back out into the street.

“Laugh?” I’m as far from laughing as I could be from crying. “Just tell me you haven’t seen the movie yet.”

“I was going to wait,” he stopped and looked at me. “You’re serious?”

I can’t see his expression as I look at the book. We’ve left the driveway but we aren’t moving forward yet. I caress the book’s sweet hard cover. “I love the series, but I can’t afford the set, heck I’ve had to borrow most of them from my ten year old neighbor.”

The car accelerated rapidly and I look up. “Damn, where were you when I was in high school?”

I laughed at that, “In the un-popular crowd

The End

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