He Speaks


My eyes pop open and I slowly slow the swing down. “Hey.” I feel my heart skip a beat. He sits on the swing next to me. He twists it so he’s facing me.

“They are up there doing their thing aren’t they?” he asks, though it sounds more like a statement.

I snort. “Yeah, and with an audience.” I start to swing again, but short arcs. It eases my nerves.

“Really?” He twists his swing and then lets it go to twirl.

“Melody’s getting a sex lesson.”

“You didn’t want to join them?” There’s no sneer in his voice, just simple curiosity.

“No,” my answer is more forceful, “sex isn’t supposed to be that, that public.”

He laughed. I looked at him angrily, but he looked at me kindly. “I know how you feel.” His expression stopped my anger in its tracks. I believe he actually meant what he said. His hand reached out and grabbed my swing, slowing me down. “Can I kiss you?”

“What?” I stopped and twisted to face him. He was serious.

He looked down for a moment. Looking back up at me, his face flushed, he replied, “I’m sorry that was a bit out of place, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get a chance again and,” he hung his head, “I always meant to.” The last part was a soft whisper. It made my heart flip flop.

 “Why didn’t you?” I asked, but then retract, “No, never mind that. Why don’t you think you’ll never get a chance again?” He gestured to the house. “What? You’re going to go along with their idea for you to date Melody are you?” He shrugged.

“Come on,” I jump off my swing and take his hand. I tug at it and he slowly stands. “Forget them, I was thinking about ditching them anyway.”

“You were?” he asked, as I led him away. “You’re not afraid of the consequences?”

“Why? I graduate High School next year, and I highly doubt anything that happens this year, aside from grade, is going to affect what college I get into.”

He stopped and laughed, pulling me around to face him. “You really believe that?”

“If you hadn’t followed Michael to the same college, wouldn’t you?”

He shook his head. “Why are you here? This doesn’t seem like you at all.”

I laughed and shrugged. “Angelica wanted to see if she had the same powers as Rachael. They though Melody and I would be good candidates. I was board, figured it might be fun.” I looked up at him; the real reason I’d said yes; my crush. Though I never thought I’d have this kind of opportunity. “Why are you here?”

“There was a rumor you’d be around.” He grinned foolishly at me.

“You drove Michael, didn’t you?” My hands went to my hips as I stared at him. “And you were going to wait in the car for him to finish.” I shook my head. “That’s just not right. We’re leaving.” I grab his hand again and pull him to his car. He opened the door and let me get in before closing it.

He climbed into the driver’s side, pulled his seat fully upright and started the car. His arm shot out to hold my headrest while he twisted to look behind. The car rolled backwards slightly then stopped. He looked at me. “Where are we going?”

“Anywhere we want,” I replied laughing.

And we did; the woods, the beach, the coffee shop, the book store. Not all in one day mind you, but over the weekend. Angelica was pissed with me on Monday.

“How dare you mess with my plans! You knew he was supposed date Melody.”

“And what if he didn’t want to? Did you ever think of that?” I heard Melody sniffle. I turned to her and gave her a hug. “I’m sorry Mel. Really I am.” But there really was no apology I could give. I could tell that like me, she’d had a crush on him too. I looked back at Angelina. “Maybe you should stop trying to run other peoples lives and focus on your own.” I turned and left. School might be hell in the social department after this. But I didn’t care, I had Jeff. Not to mention, come spring I’d be free of this place anyway.

The End

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