Dream of Friendship - another take

A little explanation before I dive into this one.

The names are different, well except for Chris, there's no mention of a written book, just one on-line: A Dream of Friendship. And yes that on-line site is Protagonize, and yes her on-line friend is inspired by my friends here on Protagonize. I hope you don't mind. *grin*

Oh and the story is told from three perspectives in a round robin style:
(excpet for the last chapter which is all from Chris's mother's perspective)

Chris (me esentially), also known as Sunlight

Mark (that cute charming guy you always wanted to fall for you)

Anna (a conglomeration of my protag friends), also known as AngleOfDeath (yes Angle not Angel)

 Now without futher ado I shall begin with...

The End

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