Jockular Kindness

Chrsitalina finds kindness from the oddest of sources, her nemesis' best friend.

I dread this day more than any others. My first day at high school. I don’t want to go. My feet drag, but I must. I know who I’ll meet; my nemesis, Michael Gastight. It may have been two years since we’ve been in the same school but that won’t matter. I know it won’t, because every time he sees me out side of school, he just can’t help but yell some scathing remark.

I do have to admit, being a jock, his remarks haven’t changed much over the years. Oh, he’s added a few swear words, changed some phrasing, but they are the same. It doesn’t make them any less hurtful. After all he is the star athlete of the town. What he says everyone agrees with. That’s what hurts most, my forced exile to the outskirts of society.

Stupid jock filled town that doesn’t know what to do with an author in their midst. Stupid me for letting my mother convince me to collaborate with her on a story. No that wasn’t the stupid part. The stupid part was me brining in our book, all proud and showing it off in third grade. I’m not any less proud of it. No I just hate myself for insisting the main character have my name and bragging about it.

My arms are loaded with books from the morning’s classes. I have to make my way to my locker somehow to deposit them all. Who thought there should be seven books handed out at once in English class? Two would have been fine. One all that would have been necessary. Then I hear them. That crowd, Michael’s voice the loudest of them all. I hope he won’t see me. I hope he won’t recognize me.

“Hey Princess Christalina,” he snickers, “Your mother not able to afford a Governess for high school?”

Oh great he’s learned some new words. If only I was good at quick come backs, I’d give him what for.  They are upon me now, just as I reach my locker. Michael and another of his buddies knock into me scattering my books.

“Ops, sorry, your highness,” Michael laughs as they all trot past, leaving me and my scattered books alone in the hall.

There is nothing to do, but pick them up and hope they don’t come back. At least my next class is a study hall. Then a new voice rings out from the Michael crowd.

“Ah frick, I forgot something. Meet you guys in the cafeteria.”

The voice is different, somehow more educated than I’m used to hearing around here. I keep my head down as I see the shoes approach, focusing on picking up what I have. The feet near the furthest flung of my books.

I cringe, waiting for them to kick the book further. Instead they stop and their owner bends down and picks it up. In fact, this guy, this jock, picks up a couple other of my books before reaching me. I stand and dare look at his face. I’m shocked to see it filled with sympathy.

“Sorry about that.” He smiles at me as he hands my books back.

I take them, but I am puzzled. Warily I say, "Thank you."

“Your welcome,” he waves then continues on down the hall at a jog.

I manage to get everything into my locker. He jogs back towards me, a Frisbee in hand. He gives me a wink as he passes. I head to study hall, a very puzzled person. I know I’ve never been to school with this guy before, so he must be new.

Through careful listening, I find out his name is Jeff Brighton. He moved into town two years ago. His athletic prowess apparently rivals Michael’s. Yet somehow that makes them best friends rather than rivals.

I don’t understand it, but it works in my favor, for Jeff Brighton is the voice of reason. On those times when Michael really gets going with his insults, Jeff somehow pulls him back; stops him. That doesn’t mean I won’t breath a sigh of relief when Michael finally graduates in two years. Unfortunately I’ll also breathing a sigh of regret, because Jeff will too.

I just hope that someday, when Michael’s no where in sight I’ll have the chance to thank Jeff for making high school more bearable. To have encountered a person like him has returned my faith in the world. I look forward to college where I can be friends with the Jeffs and ignore the Michaels.

The End

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